Unused app.config settings for AutoStatusing.dll

Sep 14, 2009 at 9:39 PM

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In our implementation of Project Server 2007 we have the PWA website SSLed but the Central Admin and SSP sites are not.  The existing implementation of the AutoStatusing.DLL assumes that the TimeSheet service will utilize the same protocol as the PWA Site and still be present on port # 56737.  This is not the case.  While going thru the various app.configs, we found three settings that led us to believe we could override what was being calculated.  We incorporated the settings into our config and while they were presented in the event log upon service startup, they did not have impact upon the system.  We found that the settings were not implemented.

Our resolution:

The app.config in the TSAutoStatus\AutoStatusing directory references three settings that are not consumed by the code at the 1.5 release.  They are AutoStatusing_resourceWS_Resource, AutoStatusing_StatusingWS_Statusing and AutoStatusing_TimesheetWS_TimeSheet.

We have made the following modifications to our implementation:

-  Added three properties to UpdateStatus to hold the values

-  Comment lines 105 - 106 that use WSUrl to 'guess' the url based upon the base url passed.

-  Modify TSService.cs to load the previously unimplemented settings

-  modify TSService.cs to set the new properties of status in the vicinity of line 59