Rejected Tasks Workflow

Jun 16, 2009 at 2:43 AM


we are testing tied mode on our test server and I am looking at the workflows for various exceptions, one being when a task is rejected.

I can't find any useful information in the documentation about how the user should manage the situation when a task is rejected. You do recieve an email but are you then supposed to go and edit your timesheet?

This is not very user friendly as you can bet many people will forget or ignore it or get confused which task was rejected and which wasn't. The timesheet still seems to appear as "approved" which is really misleading.

I was hoping the timesheet would be rejected and the rejected task marked so it could be easily identified and adjusted.

In the current state from what I see this tied mode is not going to be useful for us, I'd rather stick with the pain of entering both tasks and timesheets as you are more likely to get correct data that way